Dr Allen Chong practices in Bunbury and the Southwest of Western Australia.  Specialising in shoulder surgery and shoulder replacement, Dr Chong and his team aim to alleviate pain and restore function and mobility. As one of the first surgeons to perform reverse total shoulder arthroplasty in WA, Dr Allen Chong brings a wealth of expertise to each surgical procedure.

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Common Injuries and Conditions

Shoulder injuries are common in many sports, occupations, and activities of daily living, and can cause significant pain and restricted mobility.  Shoulder injuries may be caused by a traumatic event, such as a fall or impact, or by overuse with intense, repetitive motions.  Shoulder injuries can also be caused by excessive strain or stress on the joint from a change in routine and increased demand on the shoulder with inadequate preparation.

When to Consider Surgery

As no two individuals are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all answer as to when you should undergo shoulder surgery. If you are experiencing shoulder pain and restricted mobility, it’s important to seek the advice and expertise of a medical professional who will be able to recommend a number of treatment options – including shoulder surgery – appropriate to your case.

Shoulder Surgery and Procedure Options

Dr Allen Chong specialises in providing quality shoulder surgery appropriate for each patient and their condition. Surgical options include shoulder arthroscopy, reverse shoulder replacement, rotator cuff repair and treatments for frozen shoulder and shoulder instability.

Before any type of surgery is suggested, a comprehensive and in-depth consultation is required to examine and evaluate the severity of your injury, how it affects your work, sport, and daily life, and the likely benefit from a range of treatment options. Throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to follow-up after surgery, you will receive the full support and expertise of Dr Allen Chong and his team.


Recovering from a shoulder injury and shoulder surgery is different for each person. We recommend resting and modifying activities to allow for injured shoulders to heal fully and reduce the risk of complications. Following shoulder surgery, it is important to rest properly and follow the post-operative instructions given to you by your surgeon. Be sure to get enough sleep, stay hydrated and eat balanced and nutritious meals throughout your recovery.  Physiotherapy is an important part of recovery from shoulder injuries and shoulder surgery.  Dr Allen Chong works with experienced physiotherapists to develop a strengthening and stretching regime to promote recovery and prevent recurrence of the injury.


Results of surgery depend on the type and severity of injury, as well as the age and general health and fitness of the patient. However, the majority of patients, after recovering from shoulder surgery, can expect reduced (or no) pain and increased mobility. Continuous physical therapy and monitoring is often recommended to prevent injuries recurring and to protect your shoulder during sporting and occupational activities.

Learn More About Shoulder Replacements and Surgery

Experiencing shoulder pain and limited mobility? Consider shoulder surgery to restore function and minimise discomfort. Book a consultation with Dr Allen Chong and his team for more on how shoulder surgery could benefit you.

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