Dr Allen Chong and his team provide specialised orthopaedic solutions for knees, shoulders and hips. Working with individuals of all ages, the practice focuses on restoring mobility, independence and freedom by repairing damage, restoring function and alleviating pain. Find out more about arthritis treatment, knee surgery, shoulder surgery and hip replacement surgery with Dr Allen Chong in WA.

Shoulder Surgery

From specific sporting and occupational injuries to damage and general overuse, shoulder pain can seriously impact your quality of life. Dr Allen Chong and his team provide specialised shoulder surgery to minimise pain, restore function and offer ongoing support to maintain good health. If you choose to avoid shoulder surgery to treat your shoulder pain and underlying issues, the pain and discomfort could worsen over time. Mobility may become increasingly limited and you may find everyday tasks difficult. Providing tailored shoulder surgery options, shoulder replacements and shoulder arthroscopy, Dr Allen Chong and his team provide treatments for frozen shoulder, rotator cuff and shoulder instability concerns. Minimise pain while restoring mobility and function by considering shoulder surgery with Dr Allen Chong.
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Knee Surgery

Knee pain is a common complaint from patients varying in age, gender and lifestyle. Caused by a number of issues, from an acute injury and damage to overuse and osteoarthritis, knee pain can range from minor to debilitating. If you’re experiencing any type of knee pain that’s impacting your mobility and enjoyment of life, it could be time to consider surgical options. If you decide against surgery, you may find that your mobility is reduced, your lifestyle changes and your overall quality of life is impacted by pain and discomfort. Many patients with untreated knee pain develop sedentary lifestyles that lead into a number of other problematic health concerns. Dr Allen Chong and his team can help you manage knee pain. Offering specialised knee surgery, Dr Allen Chong specialises in ACL surgery, total knee replacements and arthroscopy to alleviate pain and restore mobility.
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Hip Surgery

Are you experiencing pain and discomfort while walking? Hip injuries and arthritis are the most common culprits of hip pain. Restrictive, painful and uncomfortable, consider hip surgery to alleviate pain and restore function. Without undergoing surgery, hip pain is likely to worsen over time and may limit your range of motion and ability to walk independently. Dr Allen Chong and his team specialise in hip surgery in WA, providing total hip replacements and tailored hip surgery solutions focussed on eliminating pain and restoring mobility, function and freedom to the hip joint. Regain your independence and walk comfortably and pain-free with hip surgery from Dr Allen Chong.
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If you’re experiencing shoulder, knee or hip pain, contact Dr Allen Chong and his team. We provide tailored advice and treatment plans to help you overcome pain, limited mobility and challenges resulting from injuries, damage and conditions. Offering surgical solutions and ongoing support, learn more about orthopaedic treatments with Dr Allen Chong.


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